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Programetix offers custom software development covering web, desktop, and mobile apps, data science, finance, maintenance, support, and system integration.

We Are Programetix

Our company specializes in software development for automation across various IT fields. We work closely with our clients to develop custom software and scripts tailored to their specific requirements. Our team is proficient in a range of frameworks, including .NET, Java, and JetBrains, and can develop solutions in the language of your choice, such as C# or Python. Our custom software production module ensures that we deliver high-quality products that meet your needs.

Some Brands We Work With

We have extensive experience in a diverse range of rapidly growing industries, spanning multiple projects.

Why Choose Our Services?

Our process begins with clear objectives, market research, and technical specifications. We tailor development methods to your needs, estimating budgets and timelines accurately. Testing involves rigorous functionality and stability checks, documented for your mock-up testing. Our 7-year expertise ensures bug fixes, updates, and user feedback analysis, delivering a tailored experience.

How To Get Started ?

Delivering comprehensive end-to-end web application development through a streamlined and efficient process.

Strategy And Flow Chart Development

  • The process starts with setting clear objectives and scope for your app
  • Market research to validate your app idea and market
  • Define the technical requirements and specifications of your app
  • Choose the development method and platform that suit your needs
  • Estimate the budget and timelines for your app project
  • Once everything is decided and agreed upon conditions we will develop your application on your preferred language and framework


  • Once the development part of the project is done we will test your app for its functionality and stability
  • The features that we have decided in previous steps all those features and functionality will be checked in detail
  • Stability testing: In this process, we will test your app for stability issues like how your app will work if we use it on its limits
  • All test cases will be documented and given to you before the final delivery so that you can verify them on your end in mock-up testing
  • Once everything is done your final software is delivered to you

Support and Maintenance

  • We will provide Your software bug fixes, updates, and new features that you want to implement later on in other versions of the software
  • We will also provide Your app software user feedback, data collection, and analysis

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After careful analysis and research, we work with you closely to give you the best possible guidance unique to your requirement.

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